Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Cupcakes.

My brother and I moved around a lot growing up. 

As a result, Bake Sales came into my life relatively late (although, I've been in love with the idea since I don't even know when). 

Learning the importance of "giving back", however, started very early on. 
No matter where we were in the world or what school we went to, people were always trying to give back

There were Toy Drives and Food Drives and Blood Drives.

There were Bake Sales and Charity Car Washes to raise money for Cancer Research and Disaster Relief and Panda-Saving.

So, in the spirit of all this much needed do-gooding, I've named our Red Velvet Cupcake, Project Red

Half the profits from every Project Red cupcake sold will go to a different charity every month : )

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