Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Very First Cupcake Order!

Today's post has been a long time coming, my, oh my! 

In my defense, though, it's been quite an eventful week at BlueBay HQ.

These pretty little cupcakes were the second of four orders we had in the past week. A week that happened to be my last in the pastry kitchen at *this* fine hotel.

I'd come home from work and go into an all out baking frenzy. We made a Raspberry Blueberry Pie, two Caramel Cheesecakes, a dozen Cupcakes and nice tall Mocha Cake.

Where are the pictures of said goodies, you ask?

Well, with all the frantic baking and boxing and ribbon-ing, I became delinquent with my picture-taking, I'm sorry to say. 

But, no more! This past Wednesday marked the end of a year long string of 13+ hour shifts for "the man".  

I'm not doing the touchdown dance, what are you talking about?  

p.s. Happy would-have-been-70th-Birthday to the incomparable Mr. John Lennon and Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful Canadian friends whom I miss so very much!  



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