Monday, 18 October 2010

The Pies

I love Pie

Okay, that's a lie. 

What I really love is Pie and Ice Cream.

Sure, there are many other delicious sugar-tastic combinations out there, we've got...

Syrup and Pancakes.

Coffee and Doughnuts.

Milk and Cookies.

For me, though, Pie and Ice Cream really takes the cake

*Ba Dum Pish* 

Aaaaad, that's out of my system.

But seriously, the one pairing I'm not totally gaga over is Cake and Ice Cream

Because I figure, if the cake is really yummy then wouldn't adding ice cream be overkill? 

 Yes? No? I digress.

And there are, of course, Pies that require no ice cream at all. 

Banana Cream Pie, for example- one of my personal faves : )

Now the general consensus is that all of this began a long, long, long time ago in Egypt because apparently, (Food-Refrigeration)+(desert heat+long sea voyages)= PIES 

Thus, pie-making was born and although the Europeans may be responsible for helping pie evolve into what it is today, the Americans are the ones who really took the idea and ran with it.


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