Monday, 29 November 2010

Chocolate Cream Pie

This weekend I stumbled upon not one, but TWO keeper recipes, *woot*woot*

Not too long ago, I went on this crazy kick to find the perfect recipe for chocolate pudding. What set me off was the movie Julie & Julia where, in one of the first scenes, Julie comes home from an awful day at work and soothes herself by making chocolate cream pie.  

She says, "I love that after a day when nothing is sure and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. You can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. It's such a comfort". *sigh* A girl after my own heart!

Incidentally, this happens to be one of the few things my dessert-hating brother actually does like to eat so, I spent quite some time recipe-hunting and experimenting. 

I even tried the recipe from the movie but it just wasn't happening. Until Sunday afternoon. When a few ingredients, some heat and a little bit of whisking yielded, I kid you not, the smoothest, creamiest pudding I've ever had. 

The most exciting part (for me anyway) is that it's just thick enough to make perfectly, non-soupy slices of pie : ) 

So, Bro Bro, hurry up and get here already!  

p.s. The other keeper recipe is for fruit cake, stay tuned for the next post.


  1. o my!! i absolutely love chocolate pies!
    you must make me some of this when i arrive
    i now have a craving for this!!

  2. Done! And I'll give you the recipe so you can make it for Andy : )

  3. o that would be excellent!! thanks :)

    ummm would go down sooo nicely with a Soy Latte :) uummm

    whats the crust made of? im intrigued :)

  4. It's just plain ol' Digestive Biscuits, like a cheesecake base. Normally, I make a proper pie dough type crust but I was feeling lazy and impatient : P The best part is it turned out better this way : ) Love when that happens!

  5. o i love digestive crust!! yumm

    mother used to make cheese cakes with digestive crusts for us when we were kids :)

    i sent andy the link to this page, i dont think hes going to let me be until i make this for him!! oopsie
    he's got a bit of a sweet tooth so much so that he can substitute malteasers for dinner!

  6. Haha, I think he's a keeper then, LuLu Bear ; )


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