Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Karen's Cupcake Wedding!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I've have survived my very first wedding!

The only problem is, our lovely bride Karen has given me very unrealistic expectations as to how all other brides should be : ) 

I'm not kidding. 

She was decisive and efficient and sweet to boot

Weddings are quite obviously a big part of the biz but, up until now, I haven't had to actually talk to any brides, -zilla or otherwise

The stories, however, range from humorous to straight up bizarre

It probably doesn't help that most pastry chefs tend to be male and simply cannot understand why some women have dreamt of June weddings on the beach with a 5-tiered bubblegum ice cream cake since they were 8 years old

Pssh, men

Luckily for me, Karen wasn't one of those women : ) 

All she asked for was 150 Project Red* cupcakes and 50 Buxom Brunettes with little hearts on them.

*Half the profits from these cupcakes went to a woman in India whose husband and son suffer from muscular dystrophy and has to support her family all by herself. Thanks, Karen! 



  1. YEAYYYY! your first wedding.
    how exciting! p.s. im an avid reader of your blog... especially at work!! :)

    i bet there will be more to come! can wait till your mid summer beach wedding bride who wants ice cream cupcakes... mean? maybe a little.. but funny yes ;)

  2. You are officially my first regular commenter : P I get most of my hits on weekdays during office hours so I'm going to stop doing weekend posts ; ) The beach wedding ice cream cake story was from an old job, I swear, my chef wanted to murder that lady, she was um... very quirky : P

  3. Bravo Kiddo. The social consciousness @ "Blue Bay"
    will put you on a map all over the world. Cheers, Uncle Sun.

  4. Thank you! Just paying it forward : )


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