Friday, 4 February 2011

Football Pitch Birthday Cake

*Sigh* I have never been, how do I put this... sportif

Fortunately though, I was spared the shame of being picked last in Gym class most likely because, with my stumbling and severe rule-grasping deficiency, I could single-handedly confuse the opposing team into losing at whatever sport we were playing that week : )

My brother (the ultimate Jack of all Sports) was very patient with me when we were growing up. 

He is the reason I know you're only allowed 14 clubs in your golf bag and what offside means and that RBI does NOT, in fact, stand for Really Big Ice cream.

I must mention, however, that we both call it football, not soccer- a sport he babbles about on HIS blog

A word of warning, he's a deeply devoted Barca fan and although he loves food as much as I do, he is partial to steak and pasta.

p.s. Happy World Nutella Day, everybody!


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