Monday, 18 April 2011

Aunt Sassy Cake

Okay, before I begin gushing about this cake, a little reminder: Easter is a week away and I'd LOVE to reward your diligent 40 days of self control with a lovely frosting covered, bunny adorned, pastel coloured confection of your choice : )

So, *ahem* call me.

Now, onto the main event!

I've mentioned before that I have a serious cookbook addiction

I'd tell myself, "Of course you should get this book! What's there to think about? It's amazing! Think of it as a way to better yourself, you know... at work". I'm very good at talking myself into certain things.

Lately though, I decided to cut the bull@#$%

I looked through my ginormous stacks of books for ones I could live without. 

Turns out, buyer's remorse isn't a feeling I'm capable of. They say the road to recovery is arduous. 

I'm telling you this because, recently, this book came home with me and it might be my most fave one yet.

It's taken me quite sometime to decide what to make first but finally, I settled on Aunt Sassy Cake (how cute is that?), this lovely light sponge made with lots of crushed pistachios which is then filled and covered with billows of honey vanilla frosting

Yum. Mee

And the newest addition to the menu : )


  1. The most balanced cake I have ever eaten!! Not too sweet, not too filling!! Everyone at home really enjoyed it too!!

    Plus, with all the nuts and honey means its good for me too!!

  2. Caramel Apple Cake next ; )


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