Friday, 1 April 2011

Topsy Turvy April Fool's Wedding!

I have to tell you that when Riki (our groom) first called me about this wedding cake for April Fool's Day, I kinda thought it might be a joke

A totally obvious, planned-WELL-in-advance joke.

Luckily for me, it wasn't AND they turned out to be my favourite kind of couples : ) 

The kind that know what they want and give me tons of notice.

This was my very first time making one of these crazy tilt-y cakes and my reasons are three-fold:

First, no one's ever asked me to make one before.

Also, I was bit scared of them.

But mostly, a lot of cake gets wasted and me no likey that.

Anywho, in my effort to get the shape and proportions right, I over-guesstimated a little and the cake turned out bigger that I planned giant

Picking this baby up by myself made me really nervous and red in the face

From the moment the turtle topper was put into place to happily handing it over to the lovely people at this hotel, (squealing at every sharp turn or speed bump) I fervently prayed that the Cake Gods be merciful and keep us safe from those horrible disasters you see at culinary competitions on T L C.

Thankfully, everything went without a hitch, YAY!

Congrats, Riki and Ivana!



  1. Neha,
    Sorry it has taken so long to respond to you, however, since our wedding we both decided to pack up and leave to Dubai and return to Prague.
    So we have been busy moving.

    Anyway, we want to thank you SOOOOO much for the perfect cake.
    When we met you, you understood EXACTLY what we wanted and you presented yourself far better than any of your competitors. We could even see that you were very excited to take on the project. The cake was made as we had dreamed! You even managed to get the pink turtle to look the same as the picture that we sent you. The extra finishing touches made it very personal. It tasted delicious and the guests were impressed. We will definately recommend you to anyone who needs a cake done in Dubai... We actually were disspointed that there was nothing left for us to take back home! :o) Well done and I wish you further success in your career.

    Thanks / Ivana + Riki (the happy cake couple!)

  2. Thank YOU GUYS for such a fun project! I'm so glad it turned out well : ) The wedding photos are gorgeous and Ivana looked so lovely : )

    I hope all's well in Prague!


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