Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend "Baking": Bon Bons

...what I call Bon Bons anyway because, well, it sounds better than "cake balls", don't you think? 

This is what I did with left over cake and frosting from the wedding this weekend. 

I don't really use a recipe per se because all you need to do is mix up your cake, filling and/or frosting 'til it's the right consistency. You want your bon bons to hold their shape once you've rolled them.

From here, your options are endless

The Cake Pop Revolution has taken over the world, thanks to the oh-so-creative Bakerella. Just looking through her photos makes me happy : ) Also, she's posted lots of recipes, tips and videos on her website.

I'm way too lazy, however, and I prefer to keep it really simple. For these ones, I mixed some extra vanilla cake and a teeny bit of vanilla frosting with a bit of the homemade strawberry filling. A nice roll around in some toasty pecans, et voil√†! You have a yummy new treat : ) 

For the other type of bon bon, I toasted up some hazelnuts, chopped them up and mixed them into some leftover chocolate cake and frosting, if you like Ferrero Rocher, you'll love this one.

SO, don't worry, if you have a little extra cake and frosting from your latest project, there's always something you can do with your leftovers.

p.s., Today is both the 119th birthday of the Ice Cream Sundae AND Mothering Sunday, be a sweetie and make your Mom a yummy sundae : )





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