Monday, 2 May 2011

Daffodil Cake

I was quite hesitant when I first started this blog. 

You see, I've never been consistent with things like this.

Daily planners, diaries, agenda books, they'd all be squirreled away in bookshelves and school bags and when December rolled around, into the recycling bin they'd go, as pristine as they were in January.     

Grocery store fronts are how I know what season we're in : P

In the summer, you'd see all manner of BBQ-making/sand castle-building implements. 

In the fall, there'd be mountains of gorgeous orange pumpkins waiting to be carved. 

In the winter, we'd have snow shovels and Christmas lights and giant bags of salt because black ice is evil!   

This cake was inspired by, you guessed it - SPRING : )

My Mom favours tulips. Apparently, squirrels do as well because, after she'd plant the bulbs, the little buggers would sneak in and run away with all her white ones.

I love the teeny pots of yellow daffodils. They're just so lovely and happy so I thought I'd do a little tribute : )

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