Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I THOUGHT I smelled cabbage!

The award for my most fun cake in the month of May goes to Sara, who wanted a Red Velvet Cake made to look like a cabbage : )

If I had magical powers, I would make it so that all cake shaped like fruit and vegetables could trick your mind into thinking you were being healthy

After  first saving the rain forest and bringing about world peace, of course.

If only.

So, before I make friends with a new recipe, especially the heritage kind, I like to do a little digging, find out a little bit about how and where it all began

A lot of fan favourites have MULTIPLE stories and alleged places of origin but, I can't say I blame 'em, I mean, who wouldn't love to go down in history as the inventor of the brownie? I know I would.

When I started making Red Velvet Cake, I did a bit of reading up on it...

Legend has it, the Waldorf-Astoria in NY began serving it in the 1920s. 

A lady visiting from San Jose tried the cake, loved it and when she went back home, she decided to write to the hotel, asking the name of the chef who came up with it and if she could have the recipe

When she finally got the recipe in the mail, it came with a bill for something like $350 (a little steep for now, let alone the '20s, don't you think?) 

Much to her very understandable indignation, her attorney advised her to pay up since she hadn't inquired beforehand if there would be a fee for the service.

So, you know what Red Velvet Lady did? She got on a bus and began handing out a whole bunch of 3x5 cards with the recipe printed on them.

I guess, sometimes, revenge isn't such a bad thing : )


  1. heehee! this is a cute cake...! nice work! ^__^

  2. Thanks, Lyndsay! I'm in love with the Grey and purple wedding you just put up, seriously sweet : )


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