Sunday, 8 May 2011

Maple Walnut Birthday Cake

So, my cutie little Canadian friend, Nadia, celebrated her birthday this weekend and, since she's oh-so-far from home, it gave me the perfect excuse to surprise her with this Maple Walnut Cake I've been dying to make for weeks now : )

You see, normally, I'm given exactly three duties come party time:
(1) Show up
(2) Don't forget the cake (duh.) 
(3) Bring cranberry juice because, well, vodka alone does not a Cosmo make.

The surprise factor was always left up to a much more capable, organized friend.

This time though, I kinda had to go it alone a little bit so I kept my plan very, very simple: hold the cake straight and hope someone would be home when I showed up.

Oh, and pick up candles : )

In the end, everything went off without a hitch.  

More or less.

My poor little cake sustained some injuries in transit; nothing a little emergency cosmetic surgery couldn't fix, though.

And there were a few someones home to help eat it 
: )

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