Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Red Roses

You'll notice that there are two different designs to my Red on White themed cake today and that's because it's not real cake under there.

I picked up these three styrofoam cake dummies so I can practice different designs and I've pledged to do a new one every few weeks so, hopefully I keep to it *fingers crossed*

I started making these roses out of a little red fondant I had left over from a cake I'd done for some fun people throwing a "Royal Wedding Party".

There was no real plan in mind for the flowers but, you see, turning snowy white fondant deep, deep red is a real work out (all that kneading gets a bit tedious) so, I never waste it.

I've spent the last few days poring over all kinds of design books which sort of made deciding on one look very, very difficult.

Finally, I settled on doing one side a bit traditional with lots of piping detail (another thing I need practice with) and just a few flowers

The other side is more modern with just a simple border and lots of roses.

p.s. Speaking of the Royal Wedding, I know everyone was a little distracted with the hats and outfits and everything but have you seen the cake

It was beautiful : )

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