Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lightning McQueen Cake

I've survived our first car-shaped cake! Woo-hoo!

I find it a bit daunting trying to replicate something really recognizable

For Art Class one time, we had to choose a photo from a magazine and do a sort of pencil sketch copy of it - my Catherine Zeta-Jones ended up looking like Shania Twain.

Thankfully, with this little assignment, my fears were put to rest when my friend, Marife, saw the pictures and went, "Oh! Lightning McQueen!" 

This fun cakey project was for my Gemini buddy, Adam, who just turned 3 : ) His Mom was sweet enough to call me, later that evening, to tell me that the teeny munchkin party-goers dove right in and started gobbling up the little faux rocks and cacti as soon as the box was opened : )  

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