Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Milena and Clement's Wedding

There's so much symbolism in a wedding.

The rings, the white dress, the "something blue." The basic elements are the same but, it's the way you put it all together that makes it personal.

I wonder then, is it bad joo-joo to have a 12-tiered, fondant-covered, royal icing-encrusted, flower laden wedding cake that's mostly styrofoam on the inside

Maybe I'm being a tad dramatic but, I wouldn't want a hollow sugar edifice as a representation of what my marriage would be like. No siree bob.

This 3-tiered chocolate cake, ordered by Milena for her intimate little wedding, is totally the way I'd go.

Simple, real but, most importantly, fudgy to the core : ) 

Congrats, Milena and Clement!

p.s. Their guests got to take home these adorable, pink, monogrammed (thanks, Ivone!) cupcakes in teeny little boxes, so sweet : ) 


  1. yay!! The cake looks divine!!!!

  2. Thank you, my Ivone : ) I had to take photos in a hurry so you can't really see the tiny letters but they were so cute : )


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