Saturday, 6 August 2011

Weekend "Baking": Marshmallow Fondant

I wasn't really planning to put the recipe for Marshmallow Fondant up mostly because the ready-made kind is widely available these days. 

I mean who wouldn't want to avoid all that kneading if they could, right?

Sadly, the store-bought kind isn't always in stock around here so I make mine at home from a super simple recipe that I found on the I ♥ Cuppycakes blog a while ago.

It's just my method that varies slightly.

I always make fondant the day that I do any baking (you'll see why in a sec.) First, I put the marshmallows into a pot, sprinkle the water all over them and put the lid on. Then, I leave it at the back of the stove so that, while I'm baking, all that heat radiating from the little oven vents can melt the marshmallows slowly. This way, there's no chance of overheating or burning them like there would be in the microwave or the stove. 

Once my baking's all done and the marshmallows are nice and and gooey, I dump out 3/4's of my icing sugar (no need to sift, yay!) and shape it into sort of a rectangular pen with my handy dandy bench scraper. Then, I pour the marshmallow carefully in, like you can see right above and then sprinkle the remaining icing sugar over the top, making sure to cover the marshmallow completely.

At this point, I like to leave it there for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes so that the sugar has the chance to absorb as much of the moisture as it can. This way, when it's time to work everything together, it won't make such a sticky mess.

Once it's been allowed to sit for a while, I begin working everything together - I'm right-handed so, scraper in my right hand (keeping my surface clean and the sugar mess contained) and kneading with my left hand. In a minute or two, it'll all come together and you'll be able to knead with both hands until your fondant is smooth and has reached the right consistency. You want it to be pliable but not too soft to hold its shape.

When you're done, just divide your fondant into two, wrap tightly and let it rest for a few hours before using it. 

Makes about 3 lbs of marshmallow fondant

16 ounces white mini-marshmallows (I use Campfire)
2-5 tbsp water
2 lbs powdered sugar

Many people say this tastes miles better than store-bought fondant - I'll just have to take their word for it since I've only ever tried the homemade kind.

Happy Weekend, Everybody!!!


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