Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Izzie's Seussical 1st Birthday

The night before the morning of this birthday party, I discovered that I can pray whilst barely achieving a state of semi-unconsciousness. 

Ever 10 or so minutes, I'd open my eyes without opening them (another of my amazing parlour tricks) and realize that I was quietly, fervently, pleading with Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Vishnu, really any deity who may be listening, that when I finally did have to wake up, the cake would have survived the night unscathed.

With a little luck and a LOT of help, everything went off without a hitch : )
Courtesy of Mommy Nikka : )

Just LOOK at little Izzie's adorable face! 

And I'm telling you, Mommy Nikka was thorough and efficient and so sweet to boot - she could not have made things easier for us : )

I have to thank my Mom/set-up helper extraordinaire and my Tito Raza for helping me cart this very, tall, terrifying cake + cupcakes + marshmallow pops to the venue - without them, this little project would have bust.     

p.s. Happy 100th post to me! Yay


  1. seriously?


    u rock ney ney! your cakes are gangsta!

  2. I hear ya on the praying... But it all turned out amazingly! Really cute!!

  3. Thanks, Lyndsay : ) I was SO relieved when it was all done : P


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