Saturday, 15 October 2011

Nikon D7000 Cake and Mom's Birthday

So, it's been a big weekend at BlueBay HQ

I conquered my fear of the camera shaped cake AND Mom turned *ahem* 25.

A few week ago, I got an email from sweet Dehlia and Baby Aiden wanting to surprise Papa Jonathan at work with a cake shaped like his new camera : )

It was a little funny to take pictures of a cake shaped like a thing that takes pictures

Sort of like a cereal box with a picture of a tiny cereal box on it... with a picture of an even tinier cereal box on it.

Aaaand, I'm babbling.... 

Anywho, it was on my way to execute Operation Cake Surprise that I passed by this flower shop and saw these gorgeous sunflowers in the window. 

I went in right away and got the nice florists to help me with my own surprise : ) They sent over a huge bunch on the morning of Mom's birthday - so puuuurty!

It was a lovely day of strawberry tarts, LOTS of dim sum, German chocolate cake and friends and family to share it all with.








  1. Thank you so so much for making our operation " daddy surprise" possible. Your nikkon cake got rave reviews from my friends here in the Philippines as well as in USA. Hope I get to meet you when I'm there in Dubai. I'm lucky to have found your site. The Nikkon D7000 cake was perfect....amazing:)

  2. I would LOVE to see you and baby Aiden when you're in town : ) I'm so glad I got to make this Cake Surprise happen for you!

  3. omg ney ney! omg!

  4. You are so sweet to me, Lu Lu Bear : )

  5. Happy belated Birthday to Mama!!

  6. Thank you, Ivone! I'll be sure to tell her :)


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