Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dora the Explorer!

I have to say, when 2011 began, I was a bit nervous.

This little cakey project of mine was just starting out, I was still figuring out how this whole blog thingie worked, I was still taking pictures with my adorable dinky little point and shoot camera.

It was all thoroughly basic.

A whole year's gone by and things have turned out so much better than I could have imagined : )

Of course, there have been a few bumps along the way but overall, it's been a blast and I'm so excited about 2012 - end of the world or not.

I got to make these German Chocolate, Vanilla and Double Fudge Dora Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes for little Hayah and Salama who turned 2 this year.

Thank you, Mommies Rawdah and Shereen!

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