Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Barney and Friends

Okay, this may sound insane but today, I was doing a bit of ironing and I had a little epiphany.

When you think "advancement in technology", whose names come to mind right away? Which companies? What gadgets?

Because I realized, as our brand-spankin'-new iron was basically doing all the work for me,  that the Dysons and the Maytags and the Hoovers and the Whirlpools are truly the unsung heroes of this high-tech world we live in.

Our little old household appliances are faster, cleaner and more efficient than ever. 

Imagine what would happen if we had to trade them all in for ones that are more, I don't know, Flintstone-esque?

There'd be no time left to play with Blackberries and iPads once all the chores get done! 

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