Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Princess and the Pirates

Isn't it funny how it's only okay to fall in love with thieves and hustlers if they're in a Disney movie?

And if you're a long lost princess, of course. 

It was only recently that I finally got around to watching Tangled - for research purposes, you see - and it was *ah*dorable.

Actually, the weekend these two cakes were born, Mom and I had ourselves a little animated movie marathon and you know what? I discovered the reason my brain is incapable of retaining any new information.

It's because I can sing every Disney song ever written.

I've reached capacity apparently and, yes, I am very pitchy. 

Thank you, Mommies, Eleni and Maissa, for allowing me to make these two fun birthday cakes for little Maryam and Youssef : )

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

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