Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mom's Jewellery Box

There is a character named Claire in the book, White Oleander, who kept all her jewelry in a paper bag in her freezer because she thought that burglars wouldn't think to look for them there.

Our lovely, fictitious Claire had some really nice pieces from the sounds of it. A sapphire ring, an onyx with a teeny diamond in it, a string of pearls (the only thing that didn't live in the freezer because, apparently, pearls don't like the cold) - heirlooms left by the different women in her family.

I'd be a little paranoid, too, I suppose although, the freezer wouldn't be my first choice of hiding place because isn't that where everyone keeps their vodka

I imagine all burglars take a quick peek just in case, right?  

I got to make this cake for one of my very first friends in Dubai who wanted to surprise her Mom with something special on her birthday : )

Happy Monday, everybody!

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