Monday, 13 August 2012

Hoot Hoot

And, just like that, another Olympics has come and gone.

I meant to do a whole post about the Opening Ceremony which I lved so much, I cried a little. (I know I'm not even remotely British but, I couldn't help myself!)

Alas, my laziness prevailed and here we are at the end which is just as well because I wouldn't have known where to begin anyway ; )

I will say that it was quite funny to see that clip of the Prodigy guy being all "Firestarter". When that song first came out, my 11-year-old self found it all kind of assaulting with the piercings and the shouting and the crazy hair

Flash forward sixteen years and it all seems a teeny bit comical

Whether or not this is a comforting thing, I cannot say : p   


  1. The London Olympics, both opening and closing, made me giddy! I love everything about it, and of course the music part of it.... The BEST!!!

  2. The music is what made me cry! We've taped both ceremonies - today, I'll watch the closing, only caught parts of it : )


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