Sunday, 9 September 2012

Comic Books and Boarding Schools

I'm supposed to be baking right now, however, my brain has decided this is the perfect time to do some pointless pondering

Aimless Musing #1: Are British boarding schools as awesome as certain authors have led us to believe? 

Enid Blyton's St. Clare's series had a 7-year-old me dreaming of strawberry tea and sneaking out of dormitories after hours. 

Ten years later, came J.K. Rowling and her fantastical Hogwart's - I'm telling you, I live in fear of meeting an English person who might besmirch the magical, rosy image in my head with their boarding school horror stories.       

Aimless Musing #2: In the days of yore, I imagine comic books were regarded the same way video games are today; a perfectly acceptable youngin' pass time that is sure to be grown out of at some point. Now, comics are charming and cool and nostalgic - are we going to feel the same way about video games one day? 

Because, when I see a bunch of guys semi-entranced, playing XBox, "We don't need no education" starts playing in my head and, before I know it, sheer boredom knocks me unconscious.

Aaaaand, back to work I go.

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