Friday, 21 September 2012

Mirrors and a Green Bicycle

The mirrors in our house are just like the clocks - one in every room, none of them in agreement with each other.

As a result, I'm constantly running about under the impression that I'm later and much better put together than in actual fact.  

The mirror in my room is, by far, the kindest; the one in the hall is probably the most honest.

Then, there's this evil little handheld one that magnifies every pore in a way that should be outlawed.

Happy Saturday, everybody!

p.s., Have you noticed how much more pleasant a bicycle bell is compared to a car horn? Why is that? I mean, of course, a little, tinkling bell would sound completely ridiculous coming from a car but surely we can come up with something in between? It may seem a bit silly but, any girl will tell you, we can all live without that minor heart attack you get when some moron decides it would be fun to honk at you on the sidewalk and you can't see it coming.  

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