Saturday, 1 September 2012

Royal Icing Roses and Audiobooks

I've never been one for audiobooks.

My mind tends to wander, you see, so the thing will be playing and 45 minutes goes by before I realize I haven't heard a single word : (

You know what they are perfect for, though? 

The gym

A recent realization - I'm so focused on listening that an hour is over in what feels like half the time.

I'm almost through the 4th Harry Potter book at the moment. 

Everyone knows how The Goblet of Fire goes but, every time I hear Cedric's name, my brain shouts, "Don't do this! You're just a boy! Eternal glory can wait! This won't end well!"

He doesn't listen, of course, the silly Hufflepuff


It's such a shame.

p.s., On a much happier, completely unrelated note, the Reese's people came out with white and dark chocolate versions of their delicious peanut butter cups a while ago. 

Why it's taken me so long to press them into this cookie dough recipe, I cannot say. If soft, chocolate cookies and peanut butter are your thing, you're going to need to make these.    

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