Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Clouds and Angel Wings

A while ago, while perusing the endless chasm that is Pinterest, I stumbled across this wonderful tutorial on how to make these cute little, very globular-looking fondant clouds. 

What did we do before the advent of all these amazing online how-to's?  

To enhance the bobbly look, I dusted my adorable, sugary cumuli with some of that edible pearlescent lustre powder stuff - inhaling a little more than one might consider safe for one's health.  

Hopefully it doesn't cause any future addling of the brain.

Occupational hazard, I suppose : p




  1. so cute, neha! i love the look of those little gold circles with imprinted lettering, too! great work as usual!

    1. Thanks, Lyndsay! I LOVE your Vampy Cupcakes - they are too too adorable : )


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