Saturday, 17 November 2012


Holidays, history class and the BBC have led me to the conclusion that there are two main flavours of totalitarian leader.

We've got the crazy, war-mongering kind.

And then, there's the wildly extravagant, opulent palace-building kind. 

Sadly, we common folk are never really able to decide which of the two we get. If we could choose though, I'd definitely go with the latter.

In the end, a dictator is a dictator but, the more violent ones usually end up being long, dull chapters in those dry history books we're all forced to endure in school. Boring.

Wouldn't you rather spend a day roaming about a lovely castle or cathedral instead? 

I would : )  


  1. Wow, amazing cakes, I tried to follow you but I keep getting a "Error 404" message, I will try again another time, for the time being I'll have a good look around your blog.


    1. Thanks so much, Alessandra : ) I think maybe Blogger has been making some changes so it's being a little temperamental ; )


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