Monday, 12 November 2012

♫ Oh, the Cow in the Meadow goes Moo, ♫

♫ Oh, the Cow in the Meadow goes Moo
♫ Then the Farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up, ♫
♫ And that's how we get Hamburgers. ♫
♫ Noooooooooow, Chickens! ♫

I spent the whole time decorating this cake singing Phoebe's silly songs : p  

It has recently occurred to me that I spent the majority of my younger years marvelling at the talents of others.  

We're all born with certain gifts, they say.

I had a free period with a school friend who conjured entire alternate universes in storyboard form. 

Just paper, pencil and, of course, her magical brain

With me hanging over her shoulder, utterly rapt.

I worked with a guy who is the real life incarnation of the Pied Piper

At a BBQ, you'd find him lying in the grass, Gulliver-like, being lovingly clobbered to death by all the Lilliputian neighbourhood children. Then, later the same evening, he'd be chatting most knowledgeably with the grown-ups about climate change or fiscal debt, beer in hand and completely at ease. 

Politics, I told him - success guaranteed.

Ferreting out one's own talents can be a bit more challenging, though. One of mine is selective deafness. It's only now that I am old enough to have friends with kids that I can appreciate the value of such a gift.

Listening to nursery rhymes on loop is probably not so good for one's mental health.        


  1. soo cute! love the animal face cupcakes! :)

    neha you are a wiz with the fondant!!


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