Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bachelor(ette) Cakes and Mind Palaces

This was the very first time that I got to do a cake for both the husband-to-be and the wife-to-be.

Now, as comic and ab-tacular as our Scandinavian-looking Deuce Bigalow is, I was much more excited about this frilly undies one : p

Because, of course, this is totally what my tush looks like.

You know, in an alternate universe.

Where there's World Peace because chocolate and hugging cure cancer.

Shhh, I'm in my Mind Palace. 


  1. haha! the bachelorette cake is hilarious!! love the look on the guy's face...!

    1. His name is Helmut and he's very stern and bossy ; )

  2. Hey!! These bachelorette party cakes looks adorable. Want to have something like this for my party too that will be arranged at one of New York wedding venues. Planning to take help from my friend as she is an expert in making such cakes.

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