Friday, 9 November 2012

Turn to Page Three Hundred and Ninety....... Four

Before I begin my babbling and forget to mention it, my Snape figurine was inspired by this hilarious YouTube video courtesy of the good people at How It Should Have Ended.

They did another hysterical one where the Harry Potter cast discuss this year's Best Picture nominees  - did you know that HP has had 12 Oscar nominations and NO wins?  

Not one. 

I just don't understand it. Cinematic criminal negligence is what it is.

I meant to post this for Halloween. Alas, "getting it together" isn't really my forte. Better late than never, though, right? 

It has only just occurred to me that Snape is the perfect costume. All those nice layers to keep you warm. A cauldron from Potions Class - handy for collecting goodies. Best of all, you get to sweep around in a spiffy cloak being surly and condescending - who wouldn't want to spend an entire day insulting people in Alan Rickman's voice? 

p.s., Istanbul was fantastic : ) With a little luck, I'll post some photos before the year is over ; )

Happy Weekend, everybody!

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