Monday, 10 December 2012

Pink Carnations

I woke up one morning, some years ago, with the urge to buy lipstick.

I was probably 20 then so, up until that point, I'd been living on strawberry lip balm. It's a strange time, a girl's early 20's, you're a lady but, still a child which probably accounts for my choice of colour.

A sensible person would choose something easy to wear, a nice neutral or maybe a pretty pink

I went with red

And, by red, I mean Marilyn red.

I know, I know, it all seems a bit frivolous, this girly fixation with make-up and clothing and frilly softness. But, that's just one facet of it. 

If you look at the whole picture - fashion and cosmetics through the ages, if you will - it tells the sometimes amazing, sometimes disturbing story of societal evolution from a perspective that would have made history class way more interesting.

I've recently become completely obsessed with the fantastic Lisa Eldridge and her videos. Some of my absolute faves are this one and this one where Lisa and author/historian Madeleine Marsh do a fun little
retrospective make-up show-and-tell

And also, this wonderful Marilyn one : )       

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