Monday, 14 January 2013

Teddy Bear Picnic

In the House of BlueBay, Mom is the Head Chef

I am but the Dish-Dryer, Official Taster, and of course, Dessert-Maker.

This is why yours truly rarely cooks. Also, I am incredibly lazy.

When I do make something savoury, however, I feel this totally irrational sense of triumph and accomplishment.

I think this is probably because it's immensely reassuring that I can feed myself something with actual nutrition in it.

On cake alone cannot a girl survive, apparently.

Mostly though, it's nice not to have to part with my food the way I must with my cakes : p  


  1. impossible that you are "incredible lazy" and can pull off such a lovely cake! this is soooo cute, and the cupcakes too - great details, colour and precision, neha! ^__^


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