Monday, 7 January 2013

Polka Dots and The Impossible

This began as a completely different type of post - something silly and random but, that all went out the window because Mom and I went to see The Impossible this morning.

Girls, if you're planning to go, make sure your mascara is water-proof

Boys, unless you're dead inside, you aren't safe either.   

I haven't been this weepy at the movies since Blood Diamond. 

It'll make you feel simultaneously insignificant and invincible, if that's even possible

Also, you'll probably want to run around hugging people because hugging is wonderful and we should get in as much of it as we can - as they say, life is short.


  1. I am giving you a BIG HUG today! Miss you!

    1. I can't wait to see you! I might have to spend the first few days just soaking in all the Ivone that I've missed these past years : )

  2. ohmigosh. i'm scared to see that movie.. it looks so good though. i just saw "rust and bone" (french film with marion cotillard) and it was gut-wrenching, too. it also has wayyy too many killer whales in it and i have a fear of killer whales! oh it was a traumatic movie watching experience!!


    your cake however is lovely! ^__^

  3. Rightly so! I mean, the word "killer" is right there in the name! Deep, dark ocean freaks me out - I would NOT survive the Life of Pi :p Or, The Impossible, for that matter. It was the most intense movie I've ever seen, not because of the chaos but, because of all the love and the hope. Now that little Teddy is in your life, it might be quite a different thing from a Mama's perspective!


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