Monday, 4 February 2013

Gals and Dolls

I've got Les Mis playing in the background and I'm seriously fighting the urge to talk about it. I'm at a good part, too - little Gavroche is singing; you'll be hard pressed to find a cuter revolutionary street urchin. 

Apparently, Hugh Jackman sang "Stars" at an audition years ago and they told him to throw away his music sheets because he's never be in that musical. Tsk Tsk, silly casting peeps.

Anne Hathaway was fantastic.

Amanda Seyfried sings like a Disney Princess.

Samantha Barks was the perfect Éponine. She'll break your heart.

Now, you might be thinking that I've failed miserably in my attempt to talk about something else but, that's only half true because I haven't said anything about Eddie or Helena or Sacha Borat Cohen (and the entire cast, really) who were completely magnificent.

See it. It's long but, you'll love it.        

Speaking of things that take time, these little figurines (the individual ones, not the ones on the cake) took me forever to finish - cupcake toppers, they were.

I was a little Lalaloopsy in the head by the time they were done. I only had to make five so, it wasn't too too bad : )

Mercifully, the little dollies on the cake are the real thing - they belong to the Birthday Girl.

I'm telling you, those toy makers really know how to get us young. Each of these dolls has a cutesie name and some of them have little pets, too.

So, if any of you boys out there ever plan on selling something to us girls, just remember - we're suckers for pretty things with adorable names and, if you can, make things in sets. That compulsion to "collect the entire set" is quite possibly inborn so, we're helpless to resist. I'm no expert but, I wouldn't be surprised if it's been deemed some mild form of mental illness. 

Also, a little glitter never hurts.

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