Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Hot Tub Cake and a little How-to

So, it appears that August has arrived and, my adventure continues!

It has taken me all the way back to Beautiful British Columbia : )  

Now, as is customary on adventures, one learns a little something along the way.

You see, right before my great escape, I made two very important acquisitions: a 2TB hard drive I've affectionately dubbed Precious (yes, à la Lord of the Rings because this little baby contains every movie, every photograph, every song I've ever loved) and, a nifty MacBook Pro.

To my alarm, however, it turned out that the two were not compatible and, upon further investigation, it seemed that I wasn't alone in my despair. Online forums were rife with different solutions and suggestions, none of which worked for me so, off to the Apple Store I went.

Miraculously though, the Apple Peeps were able to use their technological ninja powers to reformat my Precious (see how that works : p) and it's been happy days ever since. If any of you have been having this type of trouble with your Macs and hard drives, here's what I did:

  • First, make sure you save all your files somewhere safe before you do any of this because your hard drive needs to be wiped to be reformatted.

  • Connect your hard drive to your Mac and go to Disk Utility. A little box will pop up and you will be able to select your hard drive from the column on the left side.

  • On the right, select Partition and then, under the Partition Layout drop box, select 1 Partition

  • In the Format drop box, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

  • Hit Options and select GUID Partition Table.

  • Finally, hit Apply et voil√†! Transfer your files back onto your newly reformatted drive and you're good to go!

My apologies for this very boring post but, such magic just has to be shared : )

And Happy Eid to everyone celebrating! 



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