Sunday, 25 August 2013

Gangnam Style

One day, some years from now, people will look back at this time and I was wondering what would pop into their heads when they do. 

A few good things, a few bad things, a few strange things, no doubt.

Like Superhero Movies (enjoying those immensely.)

And, tights worn as pants (not so great and quite possibly a side effect of the aforementioned movies.)

And, really, really hilarious strangers we would never know about were it not for the marvel that is tumblr (also very enjoyable.)

And, Game of Thrones (Can believe George thought us girls wouldn't be into it? I mean, there's every possible flavour of guy you can think of - even the older gents are just unreasonably dashing!)

And, Minute Microwave Mug Food (very inventive, albeit, a teeny bit sad : | )

And, insane amounts of time spent on facial contouring (the magic mug food is suddenly making sense.)

And, lots and lots of purposely blurred filtered photographs : p


  1. gangnam style!! great cake, neha! sadly i've been known to wear tights as pants... with an oversized denim shirt on top... i call it post pregnancy style... ^__^

    1. Ah but, your way is the right way! The oversized shirt is they key ; )

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