Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pink Rosettes and a New Endeavour

Can it be that three whole years have gone by since my very first post?

Lots and lots has happened since those tentative initial days and now it seems that the clever North Wind has brought along another adventure : )

An adventure called Kaarigar Handicrafts - a little shop that the silent (yet indispensable) family members of House BlueBay hope to open in Yaletown this fall.

Until then, you'll be able to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so, please come visit!


  1. hi neha! wow, three years! is flies by, doesn't it - love this beautiful ombre rosette cake! that's so exciting about your shop - ! love the sound of it, the website looks lovely! keep us posted! i'll come say hi! ^__^

    1. Yes, please! Ms. Sugar Penguin and I are dying to meet you and Teddy : )


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