Monday, 1 September 2014

Kids these days...

 So, I lie to children.

And, by that I mean lovingly lead them down the proverbial garden path.

As in, "Suuuuuuure, being a mermaid is a completely realistic and viable career path." 

Or, "This crystal pendant I'm wearing has magic healing properties so, you cannot kill me with that plastic lightsaber. Unless you eat up all your rice. Then, you're invincible."

I love that moment of hesitation when they look at you thinking, "She wouldn't lie to me, right? Not about something so important?"

But, we do, kids. We lie.

The pseudo-righteous among us will say it fuels the imagination or some silly nonsense like that. And, perhaps it does

But, I think it's because being a grown up can be a bit challenging so, we get our twisted kicks while you're too young to know how to use Google against us ; )  


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