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Hello, my hopefully-in-need-of-a-cake/possible blog-following visitor! 
I'm Neha : )

It definitely feels a little odd blabbering about oneself like this but I'm doing it anyway, at my mother's behest. She's absolutely right getting me to write this, of course, and her reasons are very practical (like telling you that I'm professionally trained and not some crazy person with a bedroom full of Easy-Bake Ovens). *How I wish!* 

The truth is, this is one of my favourite parts of other peoples' blogs. You get to learn a little bit about who they are and how they came to lve what they do : )
So, here we go...

I am the modern day gypsy child of my Indian father and Filipino mother. Sounds really dramatic, doesn't it? I want to tell you that it was but growing up was blissfully normal, except I wasn't kidding about the gypsy part. We moved around... a lot.

Making cakes and goodies became more than just a hobby for me after I completed the Baking and Pastry Arts Program at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Beautiful British Columbia in 2004. If you're ever in Vancouver, go to Granville Island, it's completely adorable. 

I learned even more working at this little café/bakery/veritable factory of pie in West Vancouver. My days began at 4am which may sound pretty unappealing to most of you but there's something zen-like about being able to watch the sunrise while baking muffins and tea cakes and cinnamon buns with the whole kitchen to yourself.

In 2007, I moved back to Dubai, the land of sand dunes and gargantuan shopping malls. There I got a taste of the 5-star pastry kitchen life at not one, but two fancy pants hotels in the city where I earned myself a few nice burns and some great friends : )

Anywho, it was after a little soul searching and a lot of encouragement from my wonderfully supportive family and friends, I decided to abandon the stainless steel counters and deck ovens of the industrial kitchen to see if I couldn't make a go of it "on my own."

And so, BlueBay Desserts was born in September of 2010 : )

Coming up with the name (which, in case you were wondering, was inspired by this Ingrid Michaelson song) was like pulling teeth! Aside from that though, it's been a lot of fun.

In 2013, the clever North Winds came blowing once more and *poof* I found myself, cake tins and piping bags in tow, on a plane back to lovely Vancouver ready to bake up a storm.
So please people! Order some cake/pie/cupcakes and help a girl keep her dream alive  


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